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Tivio Box Pixelation

I have been having problems with the picture of some channels on the Tivio box. They sometimes get Pixelated and unwatchable. This also happens on recordings. However when I restart the box the problems goes away but the next day the problem comes back. I want to call a technician out but don't want to lose my recordings if they say I need a new box. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Tivio Box Pixelation

Firstly if the pixellation hasn't been solved by a reboot (which, incidentally, some C/S agents might well try in order to mark their call as "resolved"), then it's either a faulty box or a problem on the cabling between your home and the streetcab somewhere. Which only VM can resolve.

If it's a faulty box then you'll lose your recordings with a swapout - simples. You may be able to "decline" a box swap if it's offered, that's between you and the engineer.

If it's a fault between the box and the streetcab, VM can resolve that with an engineer visit.

It's upto you what you do, but these are the options you have.

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