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TiVo problems

I have the TiVo box and was wondering if anyone else had any issues with theirs? Mine seems to record random programmes, the volume button has never worked on the remote and sometimes my Netflix app won't open which then leads to me having to reset. Just wondering how other people has dealt with any of the above issues? Thank you

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Re: TiVo problems

The random recordings are "Suggestions" and are deliberate, they are selected based on other programs you've recorded, they don't interrupt your own recordings or take up any space, however you can turn them off in the settings if you wish.

The remote will need to be setup to work with your TV, as that is what controls the volume, there are instructions on how to do this on the VM site.

The Netflix app on the TiVo is a bit flaky\slow unfortunately, it's a lot better on the V6 but the TiVo just isn't really up to running it.