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TiVo is constantly blacking out

This has got to a point where box is going to hurled out if the window! 

Platform: 8620

Hardware Version: 8.1

Software Version: 20.8.1.RC9-VM-2-C00

The screen has been dropping to black with no audio briefly for a while now. Lately, it's extremely frequent and very annoying. More worrying now, there seems to be some electrical "zapping" happening. This is both an audible and a visual small line on screen.

I've tested other cables, have dusted the leads (although pretty clean anyway) tried rebooting and so forth.

My tv is a relatively new model, is a 4K Samsung Model Code: UE50MU6120. No other device does this on the TV except the TiVo.

It's taken almost 1.5 hours to watch a recorded 45 minute show (take out ads by fast forward!) From having to rewind what I'm missing during blackouts!

I tried changing settings on display, turning off 1080p and so on but to no avail.

Box may need replacing. TV too if that zapping gets serious!


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