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TiVo box - smaller style

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I have the larger style TiVo box and noticed family and friends have a smaller one with VM. Do I need to ask for the smaller one and is this smaller box free? TIA 


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

There's photos of the 3 VM TV boxes at

I suspect you are talking about the TiVo & V6, both of which run TiVo software - the V6 is much newer, quicker, has 6 recording tuners rather than 3, and some newer streaming apps.

The TV360 runs on the same physical box as the V6 but has very different software and is the only box available to new customers.

Faulty TiVo's are now replaced with V6 as a matter of course, otherwise you'll have to include a box-swap to V6 as part of renegotiation of your TV package, when the time comes. Be aware VM sales will currently use any opportunity to sell you a conversion to TV360, so be very aware of the many differences between the two platforms if you take this route. Many people consider TV360 a downgrade compared with V6, many others are happy with it.

You need to have VM broadband in order to have a V6, whereas TiVo doesn't require this.

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