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TiVo box noise in stand by

Tuning in

Hello, our upstairs TiVo box makes a clicking buzzing noise in standby. Wouldn’t usually be a problem but this box is in our bedroom and the noise keeps us awake. Have been taking to switching it completely off to stop it happening. 
It was only very recently replaced. 


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Very Insightful Person

How recently was this TiVo replaced?

I ask because TiVo replacements were stopped a few months back, and now they're swapped for V6.

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  • I would say about November last year. 

Fibre optic

If the box turns out to be knackered you'll require VM broadband as any failed TiVos are now replaced with V6 boxes, which require a separate VM broadband connection

I have broadband, I presume I have to log a fault with the box. 

Hi @shamus5178 👋,

Welcome back to our Community Forums and thanks for your post 😊

I am sorry to hear your TiVo is making a loud noise. 

The box is showing as unreachable so I have not been able to run any tests. 

Do you have anything resting on it?

Is it in a well ventilated space?




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It’s up in the corner of the room, elevated, good airflow all the way found, on the shelf by its self, nothing on it or near it. 

Thanks for the reply @shamus5178 on the forums. 👋🏼

I've had a look on my end and it is still unreachable.
Are you able to disconnect all the cabling, cable it up again and connect it via ethernet / Wi-Fi to the network?
Let us know how it goes.

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New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Have done all that, I still hard wired via cat 5 cable, it speaks to the downstairs one, we can watch stuff recorded on both from either one. It’s just the clicking/ whirring noise that you hear constantly when it’s in stand by. We have taking to remove the power supply during the night. 

Thanks for coming back to us @shamus5178 and I'm sorry to hear this is ongoing.

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