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TiVo box flashing lights

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My TiVo box tried to run an update. It was a black screen with the info that the channels were updating etc. Got to 3 out of 3 and then box restarted again. Flashing lights and nothing further on tv. Goes through stages now of all lights flashing then settles to one green light on left hand side and one red on right hand side. Have tried turning off for 30 seconds etc. The same repeats - never anything on tv screen. No faults showing on service status


Is this a fatal error and will the box need replacing? If so this will be a major disappointment as almost the same thing has happened twice in the last year. Also happened twice during lock down. So this is the 5th box in less than 3 years. 

Is there anything I can do apart from trying to reboot it? I have an engineer booked for Tuesday. Should I be asking for a different model of box? To be honest if this is going to be a constant thing I may just get rid of it completely 

Many thanks for any advice


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Also does anyone know if the V6 needs to be connected to the internet to function? The internet provided by the landlord is slow at the best of times and I could not connect via Ethernet 

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Very Insightful Person

TiVo's have an in-built internet connection, separate from your home broadband.

V6 rely on a connection via your VM home-hub for OnDemand, streaming & various updates.

Faulty TiVo are now replaced with V6 - same software, but much newer and faster box with more recording tuners and apps.

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Good Morning @Tk83, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and welcome back!

I'm sorry to hear of the issues experienced with the set top box.

Can you please provide us an update with how the engineer visit went?

Are you still in need of further assistance?

Kindest regards,