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TiVo box crashes when going to my shows

So I've got a TiVo box which is old now, and whenever I try to load "My Shows" the TiVo box crashes (goes to a black screen) and restarts. 

Ironically after restarting I can get to my shows and watch a show, but then when I want to watch another the whole fiasco happens again, meaning that the reality of watching a recording takes about 10-15 mins per time.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I think if I ring VM they'll want me to purchase a new box at the cost of £150 ISH, so that's kind of my last resort

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Wise owl
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Re: TiVo box crashes when going to my shows

Hi Not necessarily if you have a faulty box it should be replaced free of charge, and if by chance it's replaced with a V6 so much the better.Regards Micky
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Forum Team
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Re: TiVo box crashes when going to my shows

Hello sim667

Thanks for letting us know about the issues you are having with your current TiVo box

I would like to get this sorted out for you 

I have sent you a private message requesting some information. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.

In the meantime can you please try this 

Press home, page up, page down and play, play. 

This should speed the interface up a bit 


Gareth_L Forums TEam 


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