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TiVo Netflix connection

Hoping someone can advise. I have old TiVo box. It has stable network connection until I try to use Netflix at which point after about 5 mins the connection fails. (Green light starts flashing).
I have tried connecting via Ethernet cable without success. Internet connection via WiFi or cable at same spot is stable and fast so not sure what else we can try. I have also tried to stabilise the network connection in the settings without any improvement. 

Any suggestions?

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Re: TiVo Netflix connection

Tivos suck unfortunately, a box upgrade would fix it or perhaps if you bought a fire stick for your tv

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Re: TiVo Netflix connection

If the green light on the front-left is flashing, that means the TiVo's internal net connection has failed, which is a fault and merits (most likely) a box replacement.

Unfortunately for you, the original TiVo box doesn't have WiFi and the Ethernet connection is only for enabling Muiltiroom streaming, so it's doing nothing for your failed internet connection - the only fix for this is a tech visit and/or replacement box.

jb66 has made a valid point about the age of the TiVo - if you have VM broadband (which is a requirement), than you could do a lot worse than consider having your TiVo swapped for a V6 box. It runs the same software as you're used to, but on much newer & more capable hardware with additional recording tuners and streaming facilities.

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