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Television keeps dropping out after about 12/20 seconds after starting up


I have a Tivo V6 box, and a Panasonic Viera 40inch TV

I have been having problems with my TV losing picture, the TV switching off, but the sound still working, after about 10 to 20 seconds after switching on.

This seems to have started after I was sent a new Tivo controller.

I eventually get it working by re booting my TV and the Tivo box, but sometimes when I eventually get a service, the picture has a dark shade on the LH side.

I have been trying to get support from Virgin, but it is almost impossible to talk to someone at present. 

There is a message when I call saying that there is a complicated fault in the LU7 3LD area and that they are working on it.

The frustration is that initially it is difficult to do anything at all with the menu buttons because the screen often switches off so fast  before I can complete an instruction. 

Today I restarted the Tivo box, and after about  10 attempts, reset my TV, .because it kept switching off. The TV is presently working but the screen has the dark shading on the LH side of the screen.

Selections with the remote are working OK.

Any help appreciated.

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