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TV channels not loading today on Tivo or V6

On our wavelength

Can't use the straightforward TV channels on either of the boxes today,  have rebooted after conversation with helpline, to no avail, on service status online there appears to be a major problem in NW London, when I called VM they said my box must be faulty as they know nothing about it and they would swap boxes out.  Told to unplug and re-boot.. cannot access any of the straight TV channels keep getting message loading your channels ?

TV guide not loading boxes not recording.. the fix dates keep being moved back...

Stray engineer appeared 1 hour ago in finchley road and said main cable damaged....dont know who to believe


Advice would be appreciated 


On our wavelength

Rebooted again on Tuesday and it seems to have resolved (though the last time i said that it went off again!)

so fingers crossed!!! - thank you