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TV Remote

Hi all

I've been having problems with my Virgin TiVo box recently. It was previously intermittently responsive to my remote with some instances where it would and some instances where it would not respond to buttons being pressed. I called up Virgin, they reset my box and that appeared to improve the problem.

However, since then the box can often take a while to respond to me trying to turn it on with the remote especially in the mornings, often requiring the box to be reset before I can use it. When it does come on, it usually works fine. I've tried calling Virgin who have said via automated messages that they will run tests on my box. This then just leads to Virgin hanging up. I've also tried going through webchat but it appears that every time I try 'no webchat users are available.' Could a member of the team please get in touch to resolve the issue please?

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Re: TV Remote

Hi nbodagh,

Welcome to the community.

I have just tried to check your V6 but it's currently showing offline so I'm just like to check whether it's switched on at the moment?

Hope to hear from you soon

Forum Team

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