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TIVO problem, cannot get through to support.

Hi all,

I have 2 TV boxes, a V6 main box (which is working fine) and a TIVO upstairs. The TIVO started playing up yesterday taking ages to load up then it was missing the TV guide (just 'To be Announced' everyehere). No a big deal so left thinking it might clear itself up.

This morning it seemed to start ok (this box is unplugged at night) but no TV guide again. Unfortunately the box restarted itself while watching something (It did that yesterday too) and was locked on the starting up screen for ages (20 minutes at least) before I manually rebooted it again. This time it took a few attempts to get it to load past the starting up screen and no guide again as before. I did the connection test from the settings menu and that did show a previous attempt to connect had failed, but it did pass the connection test and said it had loaded the info when I ran it from that screen. Unfortunately still no TV guide. I suspect it will randomly shut down again and restart soon enough.

I tried calling 150 but on the part where you get put through to a live advisor I get a message telling the call centres are all shut due to Covid and to use the website faults page (no CS service at the weekend?). After running that online test it says there's no problems in my area and that "We think there's a technical issue with your TV box".

Well ok. I figured that. But how do I get a live support person to report the fault?  There is no option via the website to do that.

Would appreciate any assistance. I understand Covid is a huge problem for everyone but I'd rather have to wait on hold to get put through to a fee CS staff member than have an automated voice tell me there are no CS staff.




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Re: TIVO problem, cannot get through to support.

Firstly the TiVo & V6 boxes are both designed & intended to be powered-up 24x7, so by powering it off every night you have potentially caused numerous issues and hastened the box's demise by making it go through the restart cycle far more often than it needs to.

Let's cover some basics - once you've left the box powered up for a little while, look at the front-left where you've got the 3 green lights. The middle-one has a heartbeat symbol next to it, and indicates the network connection. This should be solidly on - is it? If it's flashing, that's a problem and something that only a call to VM faults is likely to resolve.

If the light is solid, leave the box to its own devices and leave it powered-up.. the guide issues may just sort themselves out. However, if the box continues to restart of its own accord, then there's a fault somewhere and this will need VM faults to intervene. Either there's an area fault which the box is trying to deal with, or (probably more likely) it's just dying.

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