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TIVO issues

Like several others, my TIVO box has a long standing glitch

Trying to watch Netflix is impossible as it keeps stopping a few minutes in, then returning several fault codes. at the same time several TV channels will suddenly not be available or freeze - giving a variety of fault reasons 

ive run the tests and I got a ‘theres a problem in your area affecting playback & catch up etc’ message - this fault was due to be fixed 29th April but I didn’t get the promised text update so don’t know if that still exists... my fault hasn’t gone away but I don’t know if it was related anyway

since then the online test reports I’ve done (again) report everything ok - but I’ve still got the same issues

ive rebooted the box several times 

(in parallel my broadband is occasionally glitchy too)

i would have rung up but I can’t, and would have PMed one of the Virgin staff on here but can’t access the PM function using an idevice - in the app or on the website

im prepared to give maximum kudos to any Virgin employee who can help me please (pretty please) - my area and account codes are ready to be sent, but I can’t work out how to contact any of you

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