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TIVO feedback

I can't find any other way to provide Virgin Media with feedback, so I'm using this forum. Hope someone at VM sees it.

Overall I'm very disappointment with the TIVO V6.

Less than three weeks after getting a new TIVO V6 it failed and had to be replaced. Then I had to wait almost a full week before an engineer was available to install a replacement V6.

I have no problems with either the original engineer nor the one who installed the replacement; but I do still wonder if the original engineer ever found his wallet; he told be he'd lost it somewhere that day.

When my first V6 was replaced I lost all of the things I’d recorded, all of the series links I had created and (for about a week between the first V6 failing and the replacement being installed) access to many TV channels. I understand why I lost the recordings (because they are on the TIVO's hard drive) but surely VM could keep series links and things like that in the Cloud so that they are still there on a replacement box.

I’ve been told a number of times that I will get a refund of some sort for the loss of service but have not yet received anything in writing to confirm this.

After the replacement was installed, much of the time during the first five days it displayed an error screen with code C501. Because I was at work I didn’t have time to report this and now it does seem have to improved.

Some of the other issues and disappointing things are:

You can’t set up a series link and a bookmark in one dialog, have to jump about over different screens

All in My Shows doesn’t show all bookmarked shows; it doesn’t show bookmarked things on Netflix and maybe doesn't show other things - I can’t be sure

Database of shows, movies, actors is very poor; most things I search for are not found. I used to use (sadly that site is no more) and I often check on IMDB; these web sites had/have a much better database of shows, movies, actors, etc. so why can't the TIVO be as good?

Setting an alert for the specific title of a show doesn't seem to work; instead I get things recorded that a vaguely similar.

When checking the list of series links you can’t display them in anything other than priority order. This makes it hard to find out if have already set a link.

Setting duplicate series links appears to be allowed, so I can't easily tell by looking through the list nor by being warned I already have a series link for the show I'm exploring. And, when exploring, as well as not being told if a series is already linked there's no indication if it's already bookmarked either.

No option is available to bookmark all, and future, series of shows; you have to bookmark each series separately

The V6 slows down after adding a lot of series links in a short space of time.

Overall I don't think I would recommend this to others, in fact I have work colleagues who have tried to talk me into leaving Virgin Media because their experience of the TIVO was so bad. But I decided to check it out for myself and, as I've said already above, I'm very disappointed.

Paul Dove

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