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Sound and HD issues - TiVo

Having really annoying sound issues with the TiVo box - every few hours the sound goes really crackly and is basically unlistenable. Also more recently we are unable to access some HD channels - seems random. Given an error code of W02, have tried resetting more than once and reconnecting all connections internally but no success. 

Had wondered if there had been damage to the external connection but given wifi etc is working that doesn't seem like the answer. Tried to get hold of Virgin on the phone but keep getting sent back to the website which hasn't helped - so going round in circles. 

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Re: Sound and HD issues - TiVo

W02 means a loss of TV signal. If one reboot hasn't helped, then endless reboots won't either. Chances are, the channels you think are random, are actually all the ones that are carried on particular broadcast frequencies - which are not the same as their EPG order.

Possibly more likely to be the box than cabling if your broadband is working, but all the same - you need to call V/M and report it.

The IVR makes numerous attempts to discourage you from calling through, by offering weblinks on one option, going online etc. Just ignore them and don't press anything. Wait on the line, don't hang up, and you'll be put into the queue for an agent who should arrange your engineer visit/box replacement.

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