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Some HD channels have greyed out

Tuning in

Several of the HD channels which until at least a few days ago were visible, have suddenly greyed out in the channel list. If I try to select them it tells me the channel isn't subscribed. It's all the regular package channels like sky showcase HD, SYFY HD and even E4 HD and ITV 2,3,4 HDs. 

Has something fundamentally changed or did accounts mess up my package with all the telephony shenanigans that went on?



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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

In the case of Sky Showcase HD, & ITV2/3/4-HD, these are only available in the top-tier Maxit TV bundle. Is that what you're on?

Try following Home > Help & Settings > Help > TV Care > I'm missing some channels, - if you're certain that's your TV tier.

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Well until very recently we had all of the BT sport channels available and they are now gone too. So I suspect someone meddled with our subscription when they also messed up our telephony.

(And yes, we were on the top tier non-premium package when I set the package up though it's all changed since then I guess whoever 'fixed' my telephony also 'fixed' my TV package. I suspected this might happen...)


Hi there @ali-bee, welcome back to our forum and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see that you have seen channels missing from your package, it's strange how they were visible and are not now. Have you been able to check the channel grid to ensure these channels should be included within your package?

If there have been any package changes we do now send you an email confirming the changes which you must agree to before they take effect. If you have not had this it's unlikely your package has been changed to what it was previously.

If you have checked the channel grid and the channels should be available for you please let us know so we can assist further.



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So I've just checked the package listed on my account and it's Mixit. however my last bill says MAXIT. so yeah, someone has been meddling AGAIN with my account. this is the latest in a string of C*** ups on my account. First the automated phone diagnostics system sent an engineer round on the pretence of fixing a telephony fault (and I wasn't able to be present when he arrived so I prepared the phone line area so my wife could deal with it but when he arrived, he needed to do phase one of the 21CV upgrade which was swapping the router out and my wife wasn't prepared to deal with that. so that caused a chain of issues. Then the next day, instead of activating 21CV, someone helpfully DELETED my entire telephony when it was supposed to be transferred (notice I'm not calling it an upgrade...) to 21CV. @Travis_M helpfully was able to restore the telephony while the phone line CS basically told me it was a) my fault and b) next to impossible to get my my old phone number back without waiting 4 weeks, if at all (Travis_M was able to flip the magic switch that restored it in a matter of days. oh what a surprise, the offshore phone agents lying again - or just incapable of performing any real restorative action - you tell me, either way it comes across as dishonest or at the very least incompetence. )

And now this. How many things can get wiped out in one go and how is this any way to treat a customer who has had this very service for a shade over TWENTY YEARS! I signed up to VM cable TV and telephony at this address when it was called ntl and I was an employee. I have tolerated the gradual increases in price (and service) since the broadband was a mere 1meg down (and that was blazing fast!) but my patience is wearing thin and I'm seriously considering how much more of my (not inconsiderable monthly amount of) money this company deserves. My 10 year old son is probably more capable of delivering a better customer experience at this point.

Sincerely - FedUp of Hants.


I finally got through to someone with some actual capability in the phone CS system and they are looking into why I'm being billed for MAXIT but showing MIXIT level of service. They said they'll call me back. We'll see but I have more faith that this person will call me back than I do whenever a member of the offshore team promises anything.

Hi @ali-bee


Thank you fro your post and welcome back to our community.


I am very sorry to hear about your recent experience with us.


Did you receive the call back regarding the TV package?


Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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I did but she was able to determine that a) yes, we have the maxit package on our account but for some reason we have in effect a lower package in operation. But b) she was unable to effect the change she needed to do because we had a work order on the system for today for the 21CV switchover to take place. (Which happened and we are now on 21CV) She said she'd made copious notes for what needs to be done so once the 21cv work had been done I could call back and instigate the next step. I've been slammed today since the engineer visit so I haven't called back yet but hopefully can get to it tomorrow 

Hey there @ali-bee, thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with the Virgin TV where some channels are greyed out.
I can see some signals were sent down in the past few days on our end to get this resolved.

Can you confirm if this issue is still present? Let us know.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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