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Skysports non activation

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I recently upgraded my virgin tv package to include skysports in being ready for the recent Arsenal vs Newcastle premier league game. However the message I am getting when I try to access the skysports channel is you do not have the required subscription.

Can this be sorted out as I will be very unhappy if this is not done by the Tottenham vs Arsenal game on the 15th Jan 2023.

Virgin have given me information on my updated monthly bill - how much I will pay next month and for subsequent months but sky sports should be available instantly upon an upgraded package.

Can this be sorted out as soon as possible 


Jayesh Joshi 


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Hi its Jayesh Joshi,


I recently posted a message to the virgin team regarding my non activation of sky sports after upgrading it before the Arsenal vs Newcastle game (3rd Jan 2023).

I have attached a screenshot of the message I am getting when I try to watch the sky sports channel 

Screenshot_20230105_085506_Sky Sports.jpg

 As mentioned can my access to sky sports be sorted before the next game Tottenham vs Arsenal (15th Jan 2023)

Kind Regards 

Jayesh Joshi 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Jayesh Joshi,

Your team are playing well this season 😄

There may be a number of reasons why you can't access/watch Sky Sports

When you upgraded and added Sky Sports, as part of the upgrade was there also an equipment change such as a new hub or new TV set top box?

If so then any channel changes such as adding Sky Sports won't take place until you have received and activated the new equipment.


The screenshot seems to be from an app. Are Sky Sports working on your set top box?

The problem may also be the way you are trying to access Sky Sports via an app.

To watch Sky Sports channels you need to download and use the Sky Sports app, not the TV Go app.

You sign in by clicking on the Virgin TV UK icon and entering your My Virgin Media username and password (see screenshot)

If you need to manage your Sky Sports Devices then log into 

Make sure it's http and not https.

It's best to do this on either Edge or Firefox browsers as there is often an issue if using Chrome.

Any problems either try an incognito window or clear your browsing history



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