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Sky subtitles

Tuning in

Why are subtitles not showing on Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature even when there is an S to denote that subtitles are available on these channels?  They used to be ok but no longer show.  I have subtitles on all the time and have no problem with other channels that have the S.


thank you.


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Hi kristell33, 

Thanks for your patience whilst I looked in to this for you. 

The teams have picked this up and fixed it at this end. If you can reboot your box then check the HD channels and let me know how you get on. 


Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

They're working fine for me.

Are you sure the individual programme has subtitles? Try pressing "info" and scrolling to the second tab down - what does it say?

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How strange. Yes says subs are on but they are not showing.BFFC7E08-9675-4912-A142-03B85D4422A7.jpeg

Hi @kristell33,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

Sorry to hear you're having problems with the subtitles on a few channels - is it only the channels you have mentioned that are experiencing these issues? Have you tried to reboot your box and turn the Subtitles off and then on again?

Do you have any second TV boxes that you're able to check, to see if the issue is box-specific?


Reece - Forum Team

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Hi Reece.   Yes we have two TiVo boxes and it is the same on both.  It is just Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature channels.

Have powered on and off and can’t work out why we can’t see them on these two channels only. At least these are the only ones so far.  Subtitles on everything else where they are available.

Thank you for your reply and thanks for confirming. 

Just whilst we look in to this, can you please confirm if the channels you are having the problems with are HD, standard or both?




Have to admit I didn’t check that but yes it is just the HD channels 277 and 279. But at least I can watch the non HD channels with subtitles until it gets sorted.

Thanks for the response, 

Can I ask, is the issue still present from today?

Let us know,


Not so far. Have turned box and and off but are still showing on,y on the two standard channels 278 and 280.  277 and 279 no subtitles.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey kristell33, thank you for reaching back out.

Is this just certain programmes where the subtitles aren't working or it all the shows on these channels?

i do know sometimes certain shows do not show subtitles but this is quite rare.

What are the shows this is happening with? 

Have you switched the box from the mains left for 20 seconds and turned back on yet? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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