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Sky Sports offer


On the 2nd of August I got the 'Make Sky Sports yours, for half price' email.   I followed the link and everything went through and I received an email the next day saying that my subscription will be updated within 48 hours or 5 days at the latest. (At £15.88 a month for 12 months)

So we've been waiting ever since then and nothing!  So I decided to phone 150 to see if there was a problem only to be told there was an issue and it didn't got through but if I want to subscribe now I have to pay nearly the full amount!  As you can guess I turned that down.

Why send out offers to loyal customers - (I've been with virgin media since the beginning) and then not stick to it?  It's so frustrating!

Can someone tell me what actually happened and why it didn't got through?

Thank you

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