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Sky Sports Red Button - Not Working

Joining in

VM Twitter has asked me to share on this message board.

Regular issues with Sky Sports red button not working. Have done all sorts of resets and turning off etc, but nothing works.

Another game this evening that I'd like to watch 🤞





Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This issue seems to have been fixed on the V360 & TiVO V6 boxes. However, it persists with the older 500Gb TiVO boxes. As VM are now actively withdrawing these from service I wonder whether it will ever get resolved.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Wordingham91 

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

Sorry to hear you have been having issues with the Sky Sports Red button not working. We can understand the frustration caused and we want to help. Is the issue still ongoing since the last posting? What happens when you reboot the TV box?


Forum Team

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Yes, still an issue and same screen appears when trying again.

Hello Wordingham91, 

Thank you for your reply and for updating the thread. 

With the message you are receiving, is this happening once your press the red button or when you you change to a specific Sky Sports channel?

If you have more than one box with us, does this occur across all of them and is there any problems when trying to access any streaming/OnDemand content? 

Thank you, 



This is the screen that appears when I press the red button on Sky Sports - I am usually pressing the red button on Sky Sports Football.

Only have one box with Virgin, so unable to try on another. 

Yes, have also had issues with watching OnDemand/catch up content. 

I have raised this issue for a few years and was told about having an old box, but Virgin have never taken this further by advising on a new box.

Hi @Wordingham91 thanks for your reply here - understood.

The issue is here, is that there can be some specific issues with certain matches on Sky Sports, which we do work hard to resolve at the time they occur. Once the live event has finished, it's difficult to identify the cause of the issue as obviously, it's no longer visible to view.

What issues do you have watching On Demand and Catch Up, are you able to share some errors that you receive via these in case they are linked?

Many thanks


Same issue again tonight when trying to watch the red button on Sky Sports. Really disappointed with the service - if the issue is our tivo box, how can we get a newer one?

Hi @Wordingham91 

Once the live event has finished, it's difficult to identify the cause of the issue as obviously, it's no longer visible to view but if this happens again in future do reach out to the team  on Facebook or Twitter, if you can, so we can get to your post sooner and investigate.  

Forum Team

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