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Reset the Vigin TV box

Last week after trying to tidy up press delete and now the only thing that shows is  "deleting everything may take up to 1 hour" I left the box on all night and still said the same thing

Switched it off and left it off all day and still when on "deleting everything may take up to 1 hour"
Tried looking for help video on YouTube, and tried a few things but still "deleting everything"
I gave up and switched over to Freeview, until someone solves this problem

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Re: Reset the Vigin TV box

Hi I think you might need to phone and go down the Tv faults route, as these things don't self fix, and it may take a week for a virgin person to respond on here, they can check while you are on the line and if necessary arrange for an engineer to come to you and replace the box.Regards Micky
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Forum Team
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Re: Reset the Vigin TV box

Hi there greygrey, 


I can see we popped a reply over on the other thread about this - encase you missed it, I have included the instructions for a factory reset which may help you.


  • Turn off the box by the switch at the back 
  • Hold the + and Standby buttons together 
  • Switch the box back on until you see the welcome screen and let go of the buttons

Let me know how this goes and we'll go from there. 



Katie - Forum Team

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