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Remove PIN Requirement

Why do we have to enter the PIN every time before some arbitrary time of day? I'm an adult, everyone in the household is an adult, yet we are forced to do this.  I've had cable service in 4 countries and this type of BS would not be tolerated, yet for some reason it is here in the UK. 

Someone, somewhere, somehow took a look at this and decided this was ok. How is that possible? It's such an idiotic use case yet the decision was made to put this into production? 

The bar in the UK for customer service is absurdly low. Please fix. 

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Re: Remove PIN Requirement

It's an Ofcom regulatory requirement for PIN protection on Sky Cinema channels and recordings. The same is also true for On Demand outside the watershed hours for the age rating.

You can turn it off via Parental Control for all other channels and recordings at present, but Ofcom are looking at changing the rules so that it can apply for other channels too - this will allow them to show higher age rated content during the day as it'll be protected.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own