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Remote not responding

this is the second remote I have had from virginmedia. It is still not responding. It’s an intermittent problem I KNOW VIRGINMEDIA KNOWS ABOUT but will not admit to. After a day or two you have to turn off the box completely then it corrects itself. WATCHDOG is imminent as I will tell them of this serious flaw in their software. If you have to turn a box off for a remote to work again it negates your contract with virginmedia, of reasonable bother and distraction of the service. This problem was looked at in 2017!! and nothing was done. I want answers now. Paying £50 quid a month is a serious matter. Get this sorted now and admit to your failures and fix it immediately. The forum tells you it has been investigated and nothing was done to date July 2019! Shocking service.

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Re: Remote not responding

Hi Sweeneytoddy,


Thank you for reaching out to the community,


I am sorry to hear you are having to turn your box off to get your remote to work, this doesn't sound like a remote control issue but more an issue with the box itself.


I would advise speaking to our faults team who will be able to run some diagnostic checks and get you a replacement box if required.


Kind regards



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