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Refund owed me

Hiya there, dont know if I am posting this to the correct department or no but am a tad frustrated at present, so the situation is this I recently opted out of virgin media and cancelled my account, and allowed 30 days notice as instructed, so I then receive my final bill stating I am   Cr 100.90 pence in credit and was told to wait approximately 30 days and so far nothing, for a cheque to processed and sent out, I have tried to phone the customer services number and no joy there, so I have written a formal complaint to head offices at hook, Hampshire as of today, and am out of ideas as to how to reclaim what is mine, also the equipment was returned on the 24th of June via an engineer visit owing to lockdown which saved me on the returns kit, and my disconnection date was the 14th June I just feel this Is dragging on now, and when I try to discuss the matter with customer services or somebody relevant, I either get hung up on or am just put on hold for hours,

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Re: Refund owed me

Hi Tezzajw84,

I'm afraid the refund may take a little while longer.

When cancelling, once your disconnection goes through any advance charges on your account will be refunded back to you and you will receive a final revised bill with the correct amount owed.

If you are left with any credits on your account after the disconnection of your services you will be sent a cheque refund 45 days after disconnection. 


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