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Re: YouTube on tv not working

Up to speed

I've been having exactly the same problem for a few weeks and tried turning the modem, TV & box off overnight but still no change.

Youtube 'might' play but it'll usually either freeze or I'll get a black screen on playback.

I've also tried using the Home > Thumbs down > Thumbs up > Play > Play > Play option but that hasn't helped either.

What are my options now?

Any advice would be very welcome.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you are using a TiVo and not a V6 (check here if you're not sure), then the box has an inbuilt 'net connection and doesn't use your router.

Let's confirm which box you have first, before advising further - because some of the points in your post are connectivity related.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi richard49

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear of the YouTube issue on the TV box. Is the box connected via wireless or Ethernet please? Is it also just YouTube or any other apps you're having issues with?

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Connected via ethernet.

This has bern a very odd problem in that when we turned our TV on the bar at the bottom of the screen, which shows the apps, always appeared and we either had to wait for it to dissapear on its own or select the screen to make it go away.

Eventually I managed to find a way, in Settings, to stop it appearing.

Once that problem was solved the YouTube app on the TV started working normally and still does.

It would appear that the menu bar for the TV apps appearing on startup was causing the problem. Maybe it was using resources in the background?

Don't you just love technology?


Hi @richard49


Thank you for your reply, I hope you're having a great day.


Great to hear the issue is now resolved and everything is back to normal. Please do be sure to contact us if you require any further assistance 🙂



Forum Team

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