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Hi, new to the community but not VM.

Received RPBlock card through door Thu 29/11/2018 indicating an engineer called to fix a problem but needed to come back to get things finished.

Called VM back on the night to get an engineer out and 1st available slot was Tue 04/12/2018.

We had no broadband or TV service during that period of time as VM put a block on our broadband service due to "noise on the line" which was apparently coming from our property. When the engineer called he removed the block and tested cables outside and in but found no noise fault, and also made sure all cable connections were tight. With no fault found, how do we go about getting a refund for loss of service?

I found something on the VM website but it doesn't explain how to go about claiming it, or if it's applied automatically?

The other thing is, if it's just a case of tightening a loose connection why can't VM ask customers to check all connections 1st before putting a block in place, surely that would save the business so much time and effort in engineer call outs, and reduce the frustration of customers having to wait a number of days before the service is re-instated.

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Hi unfortunately anything to do with bill issues has to be done by phone 150 free from a virgin phone or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone I would go down the thinking of leaving us route you will get through to a person in the UK and they should have a record of how long the service was down, don't hold your breath as it's not very generous. Regards Micky