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RG6 to Ethernet cable

Joining in

I have a cable which looks a RG6.On one end it has a RG6 termination and the other end has a PG45 Ethernet plug going into my router.Does anyone know where I could source a 2 metre one from.



An RG6 cable is the type of coax used to connect a VM Hub to the wall, the connectors are metal F-Plugs on both ends.

Plastic RJ45 plugs are on used on both ends of a multi cored Ethernet network cable.

Both types of cable are available from Amazon or eBay and the like.

Alessandro Volta

If you want a longer RG6 cable call VM to send round a tech to supply and fit one (costs £25).

If you want a longer Ethernet cable just buy one (cat 6 is fine).

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