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Price Increase Cancellation Fee

Feeling exasperated by this company, today told I need to pay outstanding £74 after cancelling my contract following price hike in October..moved house end of Aug, phoned mid Aug to freeze contract since we were staying with family approx 6 weeks before moving into new home, ..early Oct got letter 're price hike stating we could leave without fees within 30 started to look around for better deal, got an excellent deal with Sky so cancelled Virgin, since then countless phone calls by them, to them try to resolve this. Today I'm told had to pay since I moved house?! Hardly fair..  they put their prices up, gave me option to leave penalty free, I do leave then told have to pay otherwise default goes on my credit score.. anyone any advise??

Thank you!

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Re: Price Increase Cancellation Fee

you can to cancel within 30 days of the price rise.

Moving house starts a new contract.

As a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Re: Price Increase Cancellation Fee

Hi LindaGill0306, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community. 

I'm sorry to hear that there is an outstanding balance on your account after leaving us. 

Could this be related to the final bill as opposed to a cancellation fee? 

If you gave your notice of leaving before the price rise then the cancellation would of gone through with Movers and therefore if in contract, there would be an early termination fee. 

If you didn't and you only cancelled once the price rise came through, speak to the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111 so they can amend things for you. 

Let us know how you get on. 


Forum Team

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