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Pixelated pictures

For several months now, with Covid measures adversely affecting normal support levels, I have tolerated pixelated pictures on all channels that I watch/record, but with Xmas looming fast, I am no longer prepared to continue to do so.

I have tried phoning VM Faults, and each time I am put on hold until my cordless phone batteries expire.

The Online Fault Testing through the Check Service Status service does not work for me either, with constant 'Ooops something is broken' messages being returned.

I have rebooted the 3x boxes I have until I'm blue in the face, all to no avail. All the usual suspects (i.e. cable tightness/HDMI etc) have also been checked, double checked, and triple checked.

Would someone please expedite matters and send an engineer out to check the feed from the street cabinets, as this is not an issue internally in my home.

Much obliged.

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