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Package Upgrade

My father called Virgin to add sports and movies to his package and was told he had to have a second box, even though he didn't want one, I was under the impression that second boxes were optional?!?

Anyway, said box arrived on Tuesday 3rd September and he asked me to pop round and set it up for him. I arrived to find that he had been sent an old Tivo, not a V6, which suprised me as I though these had been phased out.

I used to live there many years ago and did all the internal wiring for network and cable to allow additional boxes to be used in other rooms.  I set the box up, and it starts the setup progress, however it has been stuck on configuring network settings ever since. (activated well before kit was plugged in, and text received confirming it is activated).  So far I have restarted the Superhub (modem mode), restarted the Tivo, yet 3 days later and it still isn't working!!

On Wednesday his phone stopped working, he called and an engineer was booked for Friday, however mysteriously the phone starting working again on Thursday.  One can only assume that the issue was Virgin's end.

Today he tried to call about the Tivo not working, was on hold for 45 minutes and then cut off.  The service and incompetence is amazing, it really shouldn't be this difficult or time consuming to activate a Tivo!  He doesn't use forums and online chat, he just wants this sorted out!

I'm just so sick and tired of poor service from Virgin, every year they increase their prices with some lame excuse about providing new services and channels that never appear and now they seem to have cut back on call centre staff too!! 

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