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Over 2 hours wasted waiting for a person to answer the phine.

Hi can you please advise I had to wait over 2 hours for someone to answer the phone which in the end didn't happen at all and I was hung up on.

I am trying to speak to someone on the phone asap to get access to a specific accessibility option to assist my wife who is blind. 

Are you a call centres understaffed? Are you not sufficiently prepared to take the load of calls that you are receiving?

2-hours waiting then being hung up on is beyond a joke this is the worst service I've ever received from any company I've ever dealt with so please can you respond to me as soon as physically possible or call me directly so I can speak to a human being to discuss my account.

if you cannot make a reasonable adjustment to your stupid processes and get someone to get in contact with me or at least staff your call centres sufficiently so that phone calls are answered within a reasonable amount of time... even less than an hour would be more humane:Then How can I possibly trust that you have my best interests or that of my family if you won't answer the phone and only communicate over a stupid forums like this therefore immediately dismissing any chance of my wife being ever able to manage your account and anyway because she can't see.

I feel that this lack of assistance response or ability to make any reasonable effort to contact customers who have waited this ridiculous amount of time on your own backs is enough for someone to walk away from your contracts  legally without owing you anything. This is a breach of your service level agreements.

please do the right thing and have one of your staff members contact me directly to speak to me about this matter.

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Forum Team
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Re: Over 2 hours wasted waiting for a person to answer the phine.

Hi Christtagg


Sorry to hear that, this is not the experience we want you to have with is 


Are you looking to have the bills in braille? 


All of our accessibility options can be found at:


Kind regards 


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