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On demand/catchup Buffering


I have recently been watching some on demand and catch up TV. (BBCi player, Sky movies, Virgin movies).

The Tivo box is fine for a short while then starts to buffer the service and then drops offline. Restarting the Tivo and hub can help but this then repeats itself.  It makes an evening watching a movie very frustrating as you might guess.

Does on demand use the internet connection through the hub or does it come straight from the cable?

Not sure where to start looking for issues.

Watching Nexflix though another device, sat next to the Tivo box, over the wireless network does not seem to present any problems.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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Re: On demand/catchup Buffering

Hi Jamie2020, thanks for your post - welcome to the Community! 🙂

Sorry to hear you've been having some problems watching Catch-Up content via your TiVo®.


Catch Up does use your internet connection, have you noticed if you're having general problems with your internet service as well, or does the problem seem to lie with On Demand specifically?


Have you been able to check for related known issues on our service status page: If you sign in from there you can also run tests on your equipment which may offer a solution.

If not, please let us know so we can investigate further. 


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