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On-Demand/offshore faults

Just by means of general feedback..

So I noticed this morning that any VOD from the new IP-platform was failing to error 408 (Sky Cinema/Sky Boxsets/ITV Boxsets), other VOD (I took C4/C5 as examples) were fine. Service status page etc all clear so called in..

First call: Must run diagnostics on box and reboot via the IVR. Call disconnected at VM's end with no prior warning.

Second call: Through to offshore who took about 10minutes to say there was an area fault not affecting all boxes and to retry in 48hours. Flatly refused to give any reference numbers or follow-up, just repeated the line "all calls are recorded". I got a tad frustrated before giving up.

Third call: Through to UK-faults who identified an area fault but followed-up that individual examples were supposed to be logged and did the necessaries.

I'm all for calling into report faults when the status page is clear etc and it's usually pretty good.. but this sort of experience really doesn't help the cause...

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Forum Team
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Re: On-Demand/offshore faults

Hi japitts, 


Thank you for getting in touch with us. 


I am really sorry to hear of this experience, this is not the level of service we aim to provide our customers. If there is a known issue the team should be able to provide you with a fault reference and subscribe you to text or email notifications, apologies this wasn't the case. Hopefully the issue has now been resolved, but if you do have any further problems please get in touch. 




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