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New Tivo box required

Hello. I originally reported a dead TiVo box almost a year ago ( after a lightening strike) and re-reported it two weeks ago. FYI, I cannot view anything on the connected TV but the existing recordings can be viewed on our main TV, so I have been clearing through the memory.  I was told that I would get a call in 48 hours but it is now 15 days later and I haven't had a call.

VM - could someone please reach out virtually and arrange for a replacement box to be sent to me do that I can self-install it? I have now reached the point of being tired of having no TV in the bedroom and paying a lot of £££ for the privilege. 




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Re: New Tivo box required

Hi thebooms,


I'm really sorry that you have not yet had a replacement Tivo box sent out to you. I'd also like to apologise for the fact that you have not received a call back as promised. I can appreciate how frustrating this must be for you.


I'm going to send over a PM to you so I can look into replacing the box as soon as possible. 


Please find a message from me over at the purple envelope.


Kind regards,



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