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New TiVo box

I am trying this method of contacting Virgin as all others have failed. It is so frustrating.

virgin has delivered a new TiVo box to a local store. I know it’s there; I’ve seen it! However Virgin has failed to send me a release bar code and so I am unable to claim it.

my email address is [Removed]

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Re: New TiVo box

Hi John,


Apologies for any frustration this has been causing. 

As it’s been a few days since your last post, I was hoping you could let me know how things are at the moment?

I have checked things again from our side and there is nothing obvious causing the issues you are experiencing.

What I would like to do is take a look into things a bit further by taking some details from you so I will drop you a PM asking for the information I would need. 

If everything is back to normal and you are experiencing no issues with your service, please ignore my PM and just pop back to us on here to let us know.


If you are still having these issues then just reply to my PM by clicking on the purple envelope in your own time and we will take things from there.



Kind regards


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