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Netflix and on demand stopping

My Netflix and on demand tv stop after about 10-20 minutes. This has been ongoing for months now, been advised to reboot many times which gets it started again (sometimes) but always stops again. Its a Tivo box we have. We can watch Netflix on a firestick with no issues at all. This is driving us crazy and have looked at other providers to move on to. If it wasn't for the faster Internet at virgin I would've left ages ago as the service just doesn't cut it. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏. Thanks. 

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Re: Netflix and on demand stopping

It may be that your box is dropping the internet connection which is causing this. On the front-left of the box there's 3 green lights, the middle one has a "heartbeat" symbol next to it and displays the status of the connection. I'm going to wager this is flashing when you have issues.

If so... that's a fault and you have 2 choices in how to remedy it.

1: If you've had your package for a long time and also have VM broadband, then consider the "regrade" route - look at moving onto a newer (potentially cheaper) bundle and try to swap your box for a V6 into the bargain. The box is newer, quicker, and much better at handling all the current apps - Netflix included. You'll need to be willing to re-contract for 12/18months if you go this way.

2: Call VM TV Faults, report your box as faulty and they should arrange either an engineer visit or a box replacement.

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