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Neighbours Garden dug up

Virgin media installed yesterday,I heard my neighbour having a go at the engineer.Turns out the cable has been laid across their lawn and then tacked to their wall,without their permission or knowledge.To say the least I am not impressed at all,this type of behaviour by a large corporate company is unacceptable.How can I get a speedy resolution to this problem and prevent the cable being  chopped by an upset neighbour.

If it’s not sorted quickly the bad publicity around the area could be very damaging.

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Re: Neighbours Garden dug up

It would be interesting to know the content of the confrontation between your neighbour and the installer. Assuming that wayleave has not been granted it is hard to imagine that having been denied permission he has gone ahead with the trespass and criminal damage to your neighbours home.

I suggest that the priority here is to stay onside with your neighbour (it seems that you are) and give support where possible.

Dependant on the full circumstances this may be a police matter (if you can find one).

If pursuing this through VM your neighbour can expect deliberate stalling tactics and excuses.

I would advise him to make an accurate full record of the conversation that took place, verbatim if possible, take loads of photos and consult a solicitor/Citizens Advice at an early stage if the matter is not resolved forthwith.

Good luck with it.


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Re: Neighbours Garden dug up

Got to say, Spells advice is sound.

Lots of photos, a statement about what happened written NOW while its fresh in your mind and a complaint of criminal damage are a decent way forward. If you are happy enough for VM to take their own sweet time to sort it, feel free to take a punt on the phones, but I can guarantee you are in for a frustrating experience.

Dont get me wrong, when its all cushty, they provide a decent service. Sad as an SU I have to tell you  when things go wrong, VM's procedures are less than adequate.