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Multitude of issues after new install

So moved house and had a new installation at the start of Feb.  All worked great for a week or so and now seems to be falling apart. 

The Wi-Fi keeps dropping when connected using a mobile.  Wifi looks connected but no internet.  (Works fine on laptop).  

BBC iPlayer has a blank screen. Sound but no picture.  Tried resetting the V6 box and iPlayer itself but no joy.

The sound between HD and SD channels is appalling.  Have to keep making sure the sound is low so I don't get deafened every time we flick to a HD channel.

I'm guessing this is all because of these new fabulous V6 boxes because we never had these issues with the old box.

Oh and talking of the old boxes that's now stopped working and is intermittently pixelated and generally knackered.  

I'm so frustrated.  I've been a Virgin customer for ten years and this new technology is the worst I've experienced.  The router seems better in terms of signal strength but that's not hard as the old ones were abysmal.

Anyone got similar issues or have any advice?

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