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Moving a Tivo box


Seen several threads on this subject but mostly referencing relatively short moves

I'd like to get our box from the front of the house, where the cable enters, into a new extension at the rear of the house. The wi-fi will stay where it is.

Through the house seems impractical - three rooms including kitchen, a corridor and a cupboard in-between- so a fairly long route around the outside might be an option if it can be done neatly.

An advice welcome.


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Re: Moving a Tivo box

Hi percfilth,

Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for posting about this. We can arrange for a technician to move the TiVo® to another room for you. I can't speculate on the best way to do this without seeing the property itself. The technician would be able to discuss this with you to make sure your happy before he starts working.

As this is an elective appointment, there would be a charge of £99 to carry out the work. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in ands we can sort it out.

Speak soon Smiley Very Happy


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