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More Netflix errors tv-pb-101 (5.2.15)


so I had many Netflix errors on TiVo v6 and an engineer was sent out. They replaced my TiVo box and said my connections were not properly calibrated.

since then I’m still having Netflix issues. It’s got frustrating, so I started to note the details.

Every day or two I get tv-pb-101 (5.2.15) Netflix error.

Netflix is connected, my TiVo box works fine, Netflix works other devices too. Also when I do the Netflix speed test I max out at 125mb when I’m paying for 300mb/350mb (I cant remember). This makes me think that things are still not correct and that I have not been set up properly. The TiVo box is wired to the router within 1 foot on a high quality Ethernet cable.

The only solution is to power cycle or reset the TiVo box from within settings. This takes about 10min to resolve each time and is far from convenient.

i raised a complaint about this COM103994723. The only communication I got was a letter saying virgin had given me a formal response but not heard from me on the matter.


1. would someone on the forum from Virgin please be able to escalate this and contact me by email.

2. I still feel like I’m paying for a substandard service which I have not been reassured is working correctly despite an engineer visit.

3. get someone to email me a pdf copy of the formal response as I’ve never had this.


I’m patient, but this has been going on for a year, is really not convenient and seamless (and it should be). I also don’t know if I’m actually receiving what I’m paying for.


thanks for helping.


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Re: More Netflix errors tv-pb-101 (5.2.15)

Thanks for getting in touch with us Joenixon1986 and sorry to hear that you're having ongoing issues with Netflix.


I will need to arrange a new box be sent out to you but we will need to do this via a private message so that we pass account security.


I will pop this message over to you in a few moments.




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