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Missing episodes in catch up

I accidently found that Dickensian had become available on catch up and started to (re) watch.

So it is rather frustrating to find that Episode 4 has not been listed. I tried the Drama only listing and it is not there.

Is there any chance whoever is responsible to get it added. If this cant happen then I cant understand why the other episodes were listed!

Just to add generally the catch up service seems to be totally random. Some series seem to have every episode available, and other only one for a week. Is there anyway of working out which these are?

And would like to point out that in the past if say there were 20+ episodes of East Enders available it would appear in the main list with the number of episodes available in a bracket which made it must easier to run through the list, and only go into the sub directory of multiple episodes if interested.

Scrolling through endless listings of East Enders is time consuming, particularly when for some reason they are not only listed under E but appear in D as well!



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