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Missing Channel W

I cannot get Channel W even though its part of my Player package. When I select it, it says I need to subscribe so I hit OK and then it says unable to upgrade through box at moment 

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Re: Missing Channel W

Hi derek_mulrine,

I'm afraid that W isn't part of the Player package.

It sounds like you would need to call up by dialling 150 from your VM landline.

Unfortunately package changes and add ons can't be actioned by Forum Staff.

You can check the channels available in each package using <<< This link >>> 

You can add that channel along with a few more by subscribing to the  Entertainment & Drama  Personal Pick add on

There is a Kids Personal Pick which is £5 a month.  With the other Personal Picks, the first one you add is an extra £7 a month, any additional ones are £5 a month. You can cancel the Personal Pick at any time by giving 30 days notice. It won't affect your contract or any discounts you have.

There is a selection of Personal Picks <<< Here >>> 

Should you decide to add a Personal Pick you will need to  call  150 from a Virgin landline, or 0345 454 1111, options 1,1 and 4 (Changes to your package) but best to call between 8am and 10am to avoid call queues, or late afternoon around tea time

You are on one of the old discontinued packages and could also regrade to the Maxit bundle which includes the W channel.

With you being on such an old package it may be worth your while speaking to Retentions ( thinking of leaving us ) and negotiate a new discounted price and package. 


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