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Losing Connection

We keep losing connectivity on our Virgin Media Service.

We get loads of code error messages, none of which applies (eg. check internet cable is connected etc., etc., etc.,)

I see from previous posts that this is not an uncommon issue. And like them we are finding it very frustrating. 

We can't even watch a film without interruption at least 6-10 times! Not much of a service is it?

Before anyone asks, this is what we have done so far:

1. Rebooted Hub (constantly)

2. Called out an engineer, who gave us a new ethernet cable and left

3. Got a new hub and BT have tested our line, its fine.

4. We never had this problem before we took delivery of a new TV V6 Box

We are considering moving over to Sky!!

Just want a service that we are paying for

Can anyone help?



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Re: Losing Connection

Sorry to hear that Latterly22, Just to confirm which services are being affected by this issue exactly is it TV and Broadband?


Thanks Joe_F

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