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Late engineer call


No idea where to post this. It should sit under a customer service category. The abscense of a customer service category might indicate it is in not needed or that it would be overwhelmed.

What is also missing from the Virgin Media kitbag is a way of speaking to someone when after four seperate texts confirming an engineer appointment that you have been waiting for four days (the earliest available), you receive a voicemail an hour after the appointment window has started that the engineer is going to be late. There is no number offered to call back on. By calling the customer service line and select the menus relating to your appointment you are only given menus with automated options. None of these options enable me to speak to someone. My only choice is to reschedule the appointment for sometime next week.

I'm pretty sure that if the reverse was happening and I needed to change the appointment there is a chance that I woudl be charged at this notice. I know for sure that appointments outside the allotted window would not be available to me because I asked when trying to schedule the appointment.

I had to reschedule other commitments to be at home today. It was inconvenient but the options provided by Virgin Media were so limiting that I felt I had no option.

If I wait for the engineer I will be late for an appoiintment this evening.

I'm disgusted and angry that Virgin Media would treat their customers with this contempt.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I might be able to do to limit the impact or ensure that Virgin Media send an engineer as agreed?



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Re: Late engineer call

Purely on the issue of the missed appointment, take a read of this...

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