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How do I get a default removed from my credit file?

I was told by a member of your staff that the default would be removed I am currently a. Virgin media customer 

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Re: How do I get a default removed from my credit file?

There are three credit reference agencies (CRAs) in Britain – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. They all apply the same rules about reporting defaults.

How long a debt stays on your record depends on whether the record shows a default date or not. The two rules are:

  1. a debt with no default date stays on your record for six years from the date when it is settled. This applies whether it was settled in full or partially;
  2. a debt with a default date stays for six years from that date. You may have paid it in full,  made a full and final settlement, not paid anything to it, or still be making payments… none of these matter, the debt is still going to drop off after six years.

So the default date is an important piece of information for you to know. 

There is nothing you can do to make the default go away sooner but you can add a Notice of Correction to your credit file to explain why the problem happened.

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