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I'll run through my system then ask a question.

TiVo into Denon AVR 2700 surround sound receiver using HDMI, the receiver has 2 HDMI out, one goes to my lounge TV a Phillips 4k, the other feed via a 10m HDMI lead goes to my small Samsung full HD TV in my kitchen.

Whether the receiver is on or off ( it is set to pass through signals on HDMI in standby mode ) I get an issue when using my kitchen TV, if people are watching my lounge TV and I go into the kitchen and turn the TV on it causes the lounge TV to go blank for a 5 seconds then come back on, this was particularly annoying for the lounge TV watchers as they missed an answer to a quiz question being broadcast, obviously using TiVo they rewound back but it's very annoying, it does exactly the same if I turn off the Kitchen TV too, it also does it if I pull the HDMI lead out of the Kitchen TV as well and then I plug it in again and it blanks the lounge TV again !

It does not do it the other way round, IE if I switch the lounge TV off the Kitchen TV does not go blank at all and continues receiving the feed from the Denon receiver.

I have switched off the HDMI CEC control on the Kitchen TV and the lounge TV and it has not stopped this happening !!!

Any ideas on a fix anyone as it's doing my head in this one !


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This will be because when the lounge tv is on its using 4k via the hdmi lead and the v6 is sending hdcp2.2 which is only compatible with 4k tvs.


When you turn on kitchen tv with the long hdmi lead the v6 will downscale to 1080 as the lead is too long and the TV isn't 4k.

Thanks, I'll try another 4K TV in the kitchen to see if that sorts it !

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Very Insightful Person
FYI Your HDMI lead might be too long for 4k

What do you think the max length I could run a 4k HDMI lead ?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Give it a try first but when i do installs i do 8m max for a high quality standard HDMI, I have a 30m fibre optic HDMI which works perfectly but is quite expensive 

I moved my Kitchen TV, a Samsung 22" full HD TV into the lounge so I could use a 2m HDMI from one of the two Denon HDMI outputs and it still did the same, if I turn the kitchen TV on or off it turns my lounge TV blank for about 5 seconds, also no audio either during that 5 seconds.

I tried using component out from the Denon but no picture and I guess that's because the Denon  priorities the HDMI over component.

have now just used the one HDMI output from the Denon Receiver ( instead of both outputs ) to a HDMI 4k splitter to feed both screens and thankfully it has stopped the Kitchen TV making the lounge TV go blank when switching the Kitchen TV on or off !