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Grrrrrr!!! Package change

God it must be difficult to get a package right Smiley Embarassed I phoned to change my package on the 19th Feb and it was supposed to be changing on the 20th well it has sort of............. all I wanted to remove is the old Tivo in the bedroom (as we have no tv in there) and keep the V6 box with all the channels that I previously had!!!

At 11.22pm on the 19th the TV goes off and starts to reboot the V6 after about 10 mins it came back on with a flashing code on the screen "Sorry there seems to be a problem, please call 150 Code error 7400" that was 11.40pm no hope and as I work days no tv all night Smiley Frustrated no way of contacting virgin to sort this out.... why oh why is it that difficult to get the package change right? I even phoned up after a confirmation email to confirm what they had down was right and was told what we would have after the change OH NO my suspicions where right 

I know a code error 7400 is because a device is not set up on the account, so that means they removed the wrong item Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Grrrrrr!!! Package change

Evening saabmania2, 


Thanks for your post 🙂


Very sorry to hear of the trouble you've had when changing the package over. How're things since your post?


I'd like to take a closer look at things if this is still an issue for you.


I've popped you over a PM (little purple envelope in the top right hand corner) so i can get a few details from you.


Many thanks,



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