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Grand Tours of Scottish Lochs

This doesn't look to be a EPG data error as such, but there's something queer with my series link for "Grand Tours of Scotland Lochs" that's currently running on Friday nights on BBC2.

It's a re-run across BBC2 of episodes previously shown on BBC Scotland, so the first-aired dates are from 2018, my SL is set to "New & Reruns" and has picked up Episodes 1-4 no problem. It's seeing Episodes 5 & 6, but is only scheduling those to record if I change the link to record "everything".

I've toggled the new/everything in multiple directions, fiddled the SL up & down in the priorities a few times.. no change. I'm sure I'm missing something basic here, and the first-aired-date is present & correct so it doesn't have the feel of an EPG error else I'd mail the guide errors inbox. Anyone else???

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Re: Grand Tours of Scottish Lochs

Have ALL channels set here with 'New and reruns'

Ep5 set OK here - but Ep6 didn't set although some investigation found 6 recordings already set in the same time slot.

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