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Furious wuth Customer "Service"

I've just had to hang up on a call due to a customer service agent refusing to deal with my problem and instead telling me everything is ok now, despite this not being the case.

To date I have had almost 2 hrs of phone minutes wasted in trying to get these persistent issues resolved, involving 4 phone calls and a visit from an engineer - I am still getting error messages on the TIVO box - c130, c133 and the latest nw-3-16.

I explained repeatedly to the last agent I spoke with that every possible solution except for replacing the TIVO box had been tried and requested that she arrange for a replacement box to be sent - her reply was that everything would be ok by starting Netflix and refused to send a new box.

This is unacceptable behaviour towards a paying customer.

As a result my phone credits are now exhausted and I am going to have to pay to put more on in order to call for the FIFTH TIME tomorrow to try to get somebody who hopefully CAN do their job to fix the issue.


I hope that somebody in charge reads this and can comprehend that due to us being in a contract, not replacing faulty equipment when requested is a contractual breach as the equipment is not fit for purpose at this point.


How hard is it to get a clearly malfunctioning TIVO box replaced?

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Re: Furious wuth Customer "Service"

Thank you for your post Jfeatonby and sorry to hear you're having some Tivo issues.


Can I please confirm what you're accessing when the error messages appear on screen? Is it during live TV, On Demand or an app?


Let us know and we'll investigate further if needed.


Thank you, Emily.

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