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Error code 7400

I’ve recently moved house and received a new router as part of my new contract. I have taken over my TiVo box, which has been working fine up til now. Yesterday I noticed the error code 7400 and most of my channels missing. I’ve been assured through the virgin media chat service that the box is linked to my account. Any reason why I still get the error message?

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Re: Error code 7400

Hi @Russmac75 

I hope you are settling into your new house.

I'm sorry you are having issues with your TV box. Error 7400 is usually because the equipment hasn't been activated yet, or it's been deactivated and needs activating again. (It may be because the TIVO was de-activated on the account from your old address and therefore needs activating again on the new account in the new location.)

You've posted in the TIVO forum, but it's possible that you have the newer V6 box since you also have internet with VM.

Can you confirm which box you have by looking at this page? 

If it's the older TIVO then it doesn't need connecting to your router as it has it's own built in modem.

If it's a V6 can you try connecting it via an ethernet cable to your hub as it also needs an internet connection to complete the activation.

Double check all your wiring, especially the white coaxial, and make sure it's finger tight and free from any kinks.

Have you got your new account number? If so try calling 0800 953 9500 to activate the TIVO. You will need the box serial number, and your account number and area code.


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